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    Hi all,

    That was a great chat we had going last night. I wonder how many people we can fit in there. Remember the chat room is open 24/7 so you can meet other members on-line. Thanks to all who showed up and gave advice.


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    Yes BB, I enjoyed it.

    Thanks 2 all 4 joining in and thank-you Micheal B for the information about completely drawn small cell plastic foundation.

    For those who are new to this way of communicating, remember you can change your color making it easier for the other person to read your messages and more then one conversation can be going at a time.

    And you can IM another person who is not actively speaking at the time to discuss something. Highlight the persons name and double click on it and a new box will come up. This is the box you use to type that person a message in.

    Take advantage of this form of communication to learn and share with others, your beekeeping questions and answers.

    This is good stuff.

    I'm a newbee and have been fretting over the bees unneccessarily and after chat last night I learned that my hives are quite normal so they must be OK.

    This is a great addition to this site and I'm so grateful. Thanks to Barry!

    Hip Hip Hurray!


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