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    i heated the bulk honey in a double boiler on the stove to about 140F, maybe a little higher. then i strained it using a nylon strainer cloth bungied to a five gallon bucket (this was a twenty pound batch).

    since i didn't have a way of fast cooling it, i had to let it cool naturally. in the afternoon the honey was at about 90F, and this is when i piched the seed. my honey was pretty dark, so i threw in twice as much seed as i needed (4 pounds) just to try to lighten it up a bit.

    then i bottled it all and put it in a small fridge with the door cracked open (temp. was between 52 and 54). at the end of the week i tried it. it was the color of caramel and perfectly smooth.

    i have another batch in right now. it's a twenty pound batch with only 2 pounds of starter. i'm hoping that it doesn't turn out too thin, i just wish i had some lighter honey to work with.

    thanks again everybody! [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    II found the best way to make creamed honey is to take 2#'s of sugared honey then take a 5 gallon pail (sanatized) put in 10#'s of fresh honey.Put them together in the pail. Take a rechagable drill put a egg beated from the kitchen mixer and mix together for 5-10 min. you get the best creamed honey ever,used no heat,and saved alot of time. You can make smaller batches also.Just use a 1# sugared to 3# fresh honey ratio.
    Excellent recipe from Thekeeper.

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    I bought some from thekeeper and it was incredible. As smooth as butter!
    "To bee or not to bee"

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    Default Re: how can i make creamed honey with absolutely ZERO grit!

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Bush View Post
    The starter must be very fine, Dyce suggests grinding it to make sure. I suggest a flour grinder for this.
    Does this grinder look similar to the kind you use for your creamed honey starter? (see link)

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