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    I'm beginning to plan for bottling my honey and would like to design and print my own labels at home on my injet printer. For those of you who do the same, please explain how you design your labels (what program do you use), what size labels you use, and some examples of the format. I will probably use 1 lb and ~3 lb canning jars so a small to med sized Avery label will probably work in my Epson CX3200 printer. Any and all input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

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    I buy rolls of pre-printed lables and use a hand stamp(s) for my information.

    The problem with printing your own lables on the computer is that the ink will smear when wetted. If you choose to do so anyway, overspray your printed lable with a clear spray paint.
    Bullseye Bill in The Scenic Flint Hills , KS

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    If you really want to do your own........

    Microsoft Publisher
    Diskett lables
    A laser printer. Inkjet sweats and smears every time.
    You can design them at home, and have Staples or Office Depot print them for you if you dont have a laser printer. Works out to 9 cents each or so.

    John Russell

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    Prepakackaged bulk (I think mailing) labels from the big boys. THey list an Avery compatible number built into my cheap word processor. Black ink only as the others run more. Use the cheapest hairspray as a fixative, you will have to dry it before application.

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    I got a disk free in a package of avery lables i use.But i keep mine simple
    Mitch KD8IMF

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    This may be a little more complicated than most responses, but I find the results far superior (like the label found in a store).

    I am fairly good with Adobe Photoshop, but just about any photo editing or graphics software will do.

    1) I create my labels using the software program. In my case, I took a photograph of the flower which was the nectar source (apple blossom, clover, etc). Then put that into the program showing the label on one side and the text typed in the middle.

    2) I printed the label out on plain 20# paper using a color laser printer, for all the reasons mentioned in the previous posts.

    3) Cut the label to size.

    4) Dilute white Elmer's Glue in a bowl with enough water to make it runny like paint.

    5) Dab a sponge in the glue, then on the back of the label.

    6) Apply the label to the glass jar. I haven't used plastic jars or bottles, but imagine you would need pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) instead (it's similar to double sticky tape and sold in art supply stores).
    ekrouse [Your source for 100% Pure Local Honey from New York State]


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