OK, here's the problem.

I started 2 hives this spring. I had a super on one hive, and there was quite a bit of bur comb on it, mostly capped.

Fine. I cleaned up the bur comb over a large bowl, catching about three cups of honey. (Starter strips will NOT work for this hive!

Trouble is, what LOOKED like empty bur comb actually had quite a bit of nectar in it, and I took off a nice, long strip of it before I saw it. It was VERY pale, while the capped honey was not.

So, I now have a good-sized bowl of honey that is not condensed enough. Can this be fixed, or should I just take out enough to last us a couple of weeks and feed the rest back to the bees? Perhaps take out a cup at a time and freeze the rest? It has a very nice, rich complex flavor. I could easily use it for the household.....if only it does not spoil!