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    Recently I removed a bunch of bees from a house an got almost a 5 gallon bucket of honey from the hive. I have strained it once through wire screen and 5 times through nylon panty hose. I set the sealed bucket on my deck ( 80 degree days here) where it has been for almost a week. I checked it today and it is still cloudy and has a very fine grain feel to it like it may have crystals.
    How can I clear up the honey?
    How do I get rid of the grainy texture?
    How do you pour honey without getting air into it?
    Please advise. I hope I don't have a bucket of bad honey.

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    What does it taste like? Did you get brood into the honey maybe? Probably, if it feels grainy, it is crystalizing. It's what honey does sooner or later. I'd just enjoy it the way it is, but you can heat it to liquify it. Try not to heat it much more than 100 to 110 and it will not lose any noticeable amount of taste. Setting it in the sun is probably a good choice, but it takes a while to dissolve the crystals. Whenever you pour honey, it gets bubbles. The smoother you pour it the less bubbles. Whenever it sits wax and pollen rise to the top.

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    >"Whenever it sits wax and pollen rise to the top."

    And the bubbles, to some extent. I had good success with the air bubbles rising out by putting the honey into jars and storing them in the cabinet, then just scraping off the top.


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