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    Hi All
    Most everything I have read suggest that you can use a sausage grinder for making "seed" for creamed honey. I don't have one (might could borrow one) but I was wondering if one could use a blender and/ or food processor (and how) for making the seed.

    Anyone ever tried this?

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    Don't know how it would work, seems like more trouble than anything. For seed I just use a package of store bought creamed honey, or keep some from previous batches. I think the blender or food processor would put too much air into it, not to mention possibly burning out the motor.

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    Ah, when will beekeepers learn that
    mis-use of the wife's kitchen gear
    in beekeeping is the leading cause
    of beekeeper murder and divorce.

    Any "food processor" capable of stiring a
    decent quantity of honey would be about
    the size, wattage/amperage and price of
    a Hobart bakery-sized mixer.

    Anything less, and you are going to learn
    all about the "thermal fuse" built into
    most motors of food processors and consumer-
    grade mixers up to an including the 6-quart
    Kitchen-Aids. The thermal fuse will blow,
    and you will have to mail-order a replacement,
    learn to solder, and spend a half hour
    replacing it.

    I use a metal paint stirrer, which fits into
    the chuck of an electric drill. It looks
    like a Benz hood ornament on a longish
    (2.5 feet) shaft. Works fine, even on
    a 5-gallon pail of creamed honey (my
    largest "batch" size, simply because the
    pails are handy.


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