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    Here's a great honey tasting test (even for 'old timers' to try):

    Now, you have to do it exactly in this order. If you reverse the tasting order, nothing bad will happen, you just won't get the impact I want you to experience.

    Two sample sources are needed:
    1) your honey, and
    2) store bought honey (the generic, mass produced type, available in any grocery store).

    Now take about half a teaspoon in the same order: First, taste your honey, followed by the store bought honey.

    Report your results back here!
    ...would be described as a "metallic" taste, or what?

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    I haven't had any store bought honey in my house for 30 years. But I occasionaly seem to get some from Popeye's chicken or whatever. I'll try to remember to get a packet next time and try it.

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    Store bought honey tastes metallic either way you do it. Gross.


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