Our honey was taken off this last weekend and extracted. Unfortunately, I just had back surgery and was unable to participate.

After extracting, my father brought me up a pint of very dark honey with an odd flavor. Although it looks similar to buckwheat honey, it tastes nothing like it. I wouldn't say that it was bad tasting, just very odd.

Now my supers and my nephew's supers were mixed up during the extracting process so we do not know what location it came from. His hives and mine are + / - 2 miles apart (as the bees fly!) We have been keeping bees at these locations for close to 30 years at mine and 25 at his. We have never gotten any thing like this before. We have approximately 100 lbs of this.

Due to my surgery I have not been able to take a ride around and see if any of the local farmers have planted anything odd.

Does anybody know what blooms in late summer / fall that would produce a dark honey?

I'm stumped.