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    Thanks to all the helpful people on this forum!!! My first year hives, from which I wasn't expecting any surplus honey, just gave me 20 pounds. It is dark and rich and I am thrilled to have it. It's been a crazy year in the beeyard, but it's all been worth it - now I have to make it thru the winter-

    thanks again for all the help and wisdom found here-

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    Way to go angela!
    Your honey has to be the best honey in the world. I know my first was!keep up the good work!

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    Congrats Angela

    This was my first year to eat my own honey too.

    It's too good to describe. I guess the best thing is that using my honey with fresh lemon juice has healed my daughters of illnesses. Made me feel very proud of the bees.

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    careful there Angela and Daisy, you will give me hope .

    I am very, very happy for you. I am looking forward to my first crop. It makes me happy to see this post.

    I got near a hive for the first time yesterday when I helped Medicate about 25 hives. I got stung three times when we gathered two swarm's . kinda made me feel real good to work with them.

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    Nathaniel, weird, but stings have started bothering me less and less. It's almost as if the more of them I get, the less they hurt (except the ones on my fingers - they always hurt.)

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    oh yeah Daisy - I have a nasty cold right now - any remedies you know of?

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    >oh yeah Daisy - I have a nasty cold right now - any remedies you know of?

    Go in a sauna, sweat lodge, steam room etc. Get it as hot as you can possibly stand it for as long as you can possibly stand it and then take a break for a few minutes. Repeat for a total of four times. It always works for me and all the American Indians and nordic people swear by it too.

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    Cool! (um... I mean hot!) I will give it a go! thanks-


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