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    I was seriously comtemplating selling my beestuffs and getting out of it.

    It wasn't as I thought going into this hobby.

    I'd wanted to have beehives for years. I've always thought this was a wonderful pastime with a little work, I'd get all the honey I wanted for my teas, breads, and peanut butter sandwiches.

    Then I learned how much works it takes to get your foundation drawn in a year, it may not get all drawn out in a year. I have a hive that's a year and a half old and still hasn't drawn out all the deep frames. ???

    Then I was hit with the reality of the bees vulnerabilities, mites moths dysentery and viruses and spent my days worring about them and nights studying about them.

    Yep, I almost quit.

    I have good hives now, I could sell every stand for 120.00 each, but I can't do it.

    They're my pets, my little darlings.

    What has happened to me? #;^)

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    Bumble bees,Bumble bees......... Thats all I ever seen till I got my hives,now its honey bees everywere.Thats why I keep mine. The honey is a additional kicker that my 5 year old daughter and I enjoy!

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    What in the world made me start this up any way?

    My dad kept bees, so did granddad, I'm told so did his dad. Hmmmmmm?

    I couldn't think of anything I would rather be doing.


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    I think there must bee a "human" genetic component too. Daisy, while it may be lost somewhere in your family history, I'd wager that if it could be known, *somebody* back down through your line was a beekeeper in times past.
    In some families, it's strong, running directly from one generation to the next. In other cases, it's like diabetes (or other medical malays), skipping a generation or two. But given time, the human "beekeeping gene" resurfaces and for reasons you may not even understand up pops a beekeeper in the family!


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