In 1952, the Anton Cancer Research Center in Germany reported that it had randomly surveyed as many as 1,000 cancer patients, checking cancer occurrence by the occupation.
Among those surveyed there were 46 brewers, 23 bakers, 21 farmers, 20 doctors and 19 architects, however, no beekeepers. From this report the strong possibility of cancer prevention by occasional honey bee sting was founded.

The writer, in fact, has found that in his area of residence no beekeeper has suffered from cancer, rheumatism or neuralgia. The said fact leads us to believe that the occasional sting from a honey bee is widely effective in the prevention of cancer as well as other diseases.

Japanese doctor Mr.Maruyama developed a vaccine based on the idea that consumptive or leprous patients do not possess cancer and a Russian scientist has researched the cancer prevention function of bee acupuncture solution based on the fact the beekeepers rarely die due to cancer.