I have been using homemade frames with angled piece on top and have been getting good results. I havn't had any problem extracting. Some I wired some were not. The unwired seemed to work as well as wired. All were deep and did not have any problem with comb breaking while extracting. Bees building almost perfect combs,(some slightly bellied to one side). I had begin thinking how easy this was until about three weeks ago I place a shallow on one of my hives before leaving town. In the three weeks I was gone they filled the shallow about 3/4 full. The problem is the bees ran two combs with the frames and then turned the others 90 degrees. I am going to try and remove and cut up for comb honey because it is a nice white comb. I am going to move the two that is straight with frames to center and let the bees start over. I never had this with the deeps.