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    How many boxes for a lang hive?
    I have hives with three boxes ,but my idea was to use the unlimited brood nest menagement.The hives are doing excellent with foundationless frames (although there is a good supply of dronebrood [img]smile.gif[/img] )
    The one hive where is the fourth box has the most honey gathered.But here is my problem,I cant afford right now more boxes.The hives are starting the swarming mode.I have split three or four hives,but I have a felling that this is not enough.They are boilling with bees.Should I buy queen excluders,in order to get fewer bees and more honey (or is this a oxymoron?)I have got more bees than equipment.
    Please advice.

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    A queen excluder will only increase your chances of swarming because it will crowd the broodnest.

    You either need to give them more space, or split, or watch them swarm. Its an annual problem! You could try selling some splits and introducing empty frames into the broodnest, but it might be too late to stop swarming.

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    I stack up the eight frame boxes with no excluder and they can have as many as they wish to fill with whatever they wish to fill them with. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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