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    I’ve been putting empty frames in the centre off the brood nest and the bees have draw all three frames with drone cell, I think the way things are going I will have the biggest population of mites in the uk, [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
    My wax-coated p/c has been accepted I first had some nectar stored in it and today when I looked there is uncapped brood to.
    This brood in this p/c will emerge in the middle of my first honey flow, what is the chance that these bees will want to draw storage comb than smaller cell brood comb.
    The weather has promised to get warmer by the middle off this week and if it does I will take some pics.


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    The bees will quite making drone comb eventually. Keep moving it to the outside. Freeze some after it's capped if you like. They often make drone comb and store honey in it.
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