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    Hello everyone!

    I don't know if this is the right area for this, but it is something that is drastic for us and I figured Biological is the closest.

    We have a small 1/4 lot in town that we live on. Because it is so small and the yard is extremely hard to even out (do to drainage it roughs up) and is almost dangerous to mow. I am crippled up and unable to mow, but I can get on my hands and knes for a little while to garden. So to maximize the area and to help out the neighborhood bees my wife and I have decided to lanscape. We also have hummingbirds and butterflies all over every year.

    Due to zoning on fences we are looking to use a type of chaste tree relative kept trimmed to six feet as the fence line. Inside we will have a couple plum or pear trees as well as a golden rain tree in the back. Inside we also plan a small water garden (maybe)as well as butterfly bushes, bee balm, clover and herbs and mints, red and/or yellow trumpet creeper along the carport and monkey grass along the sand pathway and as 'where needed' ground cover. We are also looking for opinions on our choices. What do you think? Thanks for your input!


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    Opining is tough without seeing your yard layout and knowing how crippled up you are. If your yard slopes away you might consider terracing. If it's just rough you might take a look at raised beds and paths. If there's lot's of drainage you might try to capture it (along with with roof runnoff) for a drip irrigation system. Consider planting so that something is blooming all the time - especially in dearth periods - so your bees get a snack.
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    Hi David,

    There was a thread here on a similar topic recently where someone made the point that your bee's are going to forage on something like 8000 acres.
    So really, what you do on your lot doesn't make much difference.
    If your crippled (I am as well) I would suggest you think more in line with what works best for you.
    All the things you suggested planting sound great for bee's but keep in mind the bee's are going to forage far and wide, although it is nice to see em foraging on your stuff in your yard.
    How bout vegetables?
    The bee's are a great benefit for most and you get a crop as well

    I definately vote for a "mower free" zone [img]smile.gif[/img]


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