Hi all,

Here is a problem that is puzzling me:

Is it common that during cell size regression, the bees will, not only build comb of irregular cell size, but also of irregular cell depth?

I find that on several of the frames my bees are building (bees from fresh packages this spring building on 4.9mm foundation) the comb is being built soo deep that it extends into the next frame's "territory" (in depth that is), which makes it a pain for removal. Also, it makes adjacent frames have very shallow cells. This has happened only around the top edges, where honey is normally stored, and not in brood areas of the frame. Also, it has happened mostly in hives where cell size has been irregular as well, while in the one hive that has drawn comb most regularly (and also the smallest diameter), the problem is very minimal.

Finaly, and related to this problem: how late is it safe to cull frames such as those? I noticed in one hive that, while a deep supper was almost 100% drawn during the last 2 weeks, 2 frames that I had removed from the second brood box and replaced with foundation haven't been touched at all, which makes me wonder if the cells will draw and fill them at all before the winter.