I purchased several Russian queens from Walter T. Kelly and I introduced them to sevarl splits. Most of those Russians, and the queens in package bees that I purchase, both Carnolians and Italians, and the feral bees, have been happy to lay in 4.95mm cells on my wax coated PermaComb. However, I inspected one split today and saw no brood at all. After examining the queen I found her to be huge. By huge I mean her abdomen is about 5/16" in diameter. This is about 6.4mm! In the other hives the queens seem to PREFER the smaller cell to lay in. This one can't lay in it. Has anyone else seen a queen this large? She must be more than 1 1/4" long.

Since all of my hives are on small cell, I don't really have a use for her, but I am astounded by her size.

Any suggestions as to what to do with her? Otherwise, I guess I'll squish her and requeen.