I went to the state assn get-together in KC this weekend. Had a real good time (even learned some things!), and had a revealing experience when chatting with some new beekeepers about small cell beekeeping. The newbees I talked to were very interested, to a person, but some of the old-timers were giving me a less than friendly look. One person even made a rather cutting remark when passing by me. It seems sad that something which is new must meet such opposition - especially when it isn't really new at all! It really is just going back to the old - the original. Is it because of an unconscious thought that "if what you are saying and doing is right, and it is different from me, then that means I'm wrong, and I can't handle that without getting angry"? A sort of insecurity complex? Anyway, small cell sure works for me.
Joel, in Northwest Misery