I have posted a question on sell size and bee resistance to pest and disease on my local forum, Puget Sound Beekeepers Association, but the only response I have gotten is that if natural cell size was better then 5.4mm then the native bees wouldn't have died out with the introduction of mites. But what I'm curious about, are the native bees of the U.S. at 4.9mm cell size(bumblebees etc.) or some other size. The native bees around my place are still alive and well to the best of my knowledge, large numbers on the plants at my place but I would still like to start a couple of hives with as little poison as neccessary. The research I have done on this site and others points to smaller cell size being a factor in bee health.

Is there anyone on this forum from my neck of the woods with an opinion against this point of view or do you think I am on the right track?

Darcy Snodgrass