Hi Clayton, Dee and all,

I have been reading about 4.9mm for a while now. I am moving from New England to Southern Utah--That means sea level to 3500 feet,and from humid to dry. I will be leaving the Northern bred bees in the Northeast, but am bringing the bulk of my equiptment with me. I am planning on leaving the apistan and other chemicals behind too. I would like to strip and clean all the equiptment and go organic.

I am currently at 6 hives here, but just built a bunch of nuc boxes and other equiptment before I decided to move.

I am ready to melt all the wax down and make the switch. Any suggestions before I go gung ho? I also read in a post once that someone offered regressed stock ready made--I just don't remember where I saw that.

Anyway, I am excited about the move and already have a couple locations for next year.

Thanks a bunch,