Allen Dick wrote:

>As for the effects of cell size on both
> the bees and varroa, it is obvious to me that proper controlled observations
> or
> experiments have not been made. We have a collection of anecdotal evidence.
> That is usually the basis for the beginning of an investigation, not the basis
> for drawing conclusions.
> allen

Hi Allen -

It appears we both agree on this one point!

My next question: who is stepping forward in the scientific community doing
the "proper controlled observations and experiments"? People can continue
to denounce the significance of the cell size in regards to the effects on
the mites and point to the fact that there are "no" studies to prove it but
that says little, if no one will take existing information, written and
field (as in real live bees in hives that their caretakers have so often
asked to be inspected and tested for proof), and give us some hardcore
scientific studies!!

If this cell size debate is so off the wall, it should be a snap for our
researchers to gather enough evidence to say so in proper scientific papers.
It looks to me like the Lusby's have done just about everything they can do
on their end to be open to all about what is working for them. Now it should
be the bee science community to take it to the next level. All I hear is
silence. I'll continue to wait.