ChoiceDek is a composite material made of recycled plastic and recycled wood. It is nearly impervious to moisture, CAN be painted, but does not require any sealer, etc. Readily available at your local Lowes.

Has anyone considered building hive bodies, etc from this? Granted, it's just under 1/2" thick if you buy the planks, so you would need to adjust your dimensions accordingly. I thought of doubling it up on the end pieces with the inner panel cut shorter to form the frame rest.

In theory, this would create a hive body that would never need repainted, and would never rot. With PermaComb, you could nearly have a complete hive that would be dang-near dishwasher safe!

The potential downside would be that it won't wick humidity away, but if you paint your hive bodies inside and out, it's not doing that anyway.

Any thoughts (especially show stoppers) before I consider building me a couple of honey supers to use with some PermaComb this year?