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    I am looking at extractors. I don't extract deep, just med and small. I am considering these:

    I know that a motorized one would be better and a larger frame capacity is preferred by most of you.

    I'm just wondering if you have heard good/bad about these.

    Money is an issue for me. We just had $830 work done on my 96 minivan. I might have to borrow one this year again then buy one in the fall after honeysales - for my birthday


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    I'd stay away from tangential extractors, if I
    were you.

    Radials are much more productive, as they
    do not require you to spin down to a stop,
    flip the frames over, and spin up to speed
    again to extract both sides of the frames.

    Motors are a waste of money unless you have
    a significant number of colonies. Larger
    frame capacities are nice, but the trade-off
    is that they are larger, and more difficult
    for the hobbyist to store between seasons,
    let alone have room to operate comfortably.

    Brushy Mountain used to sell a 9-medium frame
    radial hand-cranked unit for around $350.00.
    I just looked on their website, and can't find
    it, but you should call them. They are easy
    to motorize when and if you "get big". I have
    3 of them, so I put my money where my mouth is.

    With 3 9-frame extractors, we have a smoother
    flow of work than if we had a single larger
    extractor. (At any single point in time, one's
    spinning, one's being loaded, and one's being
    unloaded.) Better throughput.


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