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    O.K.-One more quick question.

    I have been measuring different inner covers. Most are 3/4"thick,with 1/4"(really 3/16")luan panel.

    This set up leaves you with two equal "rims" each 9/32" thick(my Starrett doesn't lie).

    The cover then leaves a shy 1/2" beespace between the top frames and the inner cover,which doesn't seem,IMHO,to be correct.

    I would like to notch my I.C.(for a top entry)but if I reduce my "rim"(to 1/8"?)to reduce beespace I will be cutting thru the panel,or else notch hive body(or butcher)to take up the difference. Or drill hive

    Soooooooo,how would 3/8" plywood panel be?

    I could cut a 5/16"-3/8" notch thru the 1/8""rim" and into the panel,without breaking thru the top.

    I burned my Dad's old stuff when I started,and if I remember right,those I.C.'s where pretty thick t&g solid wood.

    I could then get a "correct" beespace on top,and use the 1/4" luan(that I have cut up) for monitor boards. [img]smile.gif[/img]

    Or I could use a shim.My friends tell me I worry too much....

    Also,since I don't use a porter type escape,I was wondering if some other type of vent hole arrangement (like a 3/4" hole near each corner) would provide a better winter enviroment?

    Will everything work if I let it?


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    >Will everything work if I let it.....YES

    >My friends tell me I worry too much....YES

    I have a 1" by 3/8" slot on my inner cover all year.I think it helps ventilation and makes it easier to deliver nectar.


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    I have a lot of various kinds of inner covers. Some are flush on the bottom and have the notch in the top. Some have an 1/8" space on the inner cover (in addition to the 1/4" space from the top bars) some have 1/4" space on the inner cover (in addition to the 1/4" space from the top bars). The ones with the extra space sometimes have some burr comb to the inner cover. The ones that are flush have less to no burr but sometimes are propolized to the inner cover. I think the notch should be on the top of the inner cover so the bees go out the inner cover hole and acroos the top of the inner cover and out the notch.

    When making my own inner covers, I usually put a hole the size of a mason jar lid in the center. This makes a very nice feeder and I often put #8 hardware cloth on the underside so I can refill the jars without facing any bees. It's a nice size for good winter ventilation too. [img]smile.gif[/img] But if you screen it the notch will need to be on the bottom.

    There is no reason you can't have a notch that goes into the board itself either.

    The bees will do fine regardless of which of these you do.
    Michael Bush "Everything works if you let it." 42y 40h 39yTF


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