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Thread: Nuc boxes

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    I see where the MDA nuc box (8.95) from Dadant is now a close-out item. After checking my other mags, I see no reasonable option for a disposable nuc box or at least along the same line as cost. Does anyone know who may be carrying the MDA nuc box, which is coated cardboard, and sells for less than 10 dollars? Thank you.

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    I have bought the plain (uncoated cardboard) direct from MDA and corragated plastic ones from MDA. But I don't know of any more wax coated ones. I suppose you could paint the plain cardbard ones with parrafin or with latex house paint and maybe they'd stand up better for a little while.
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    I buy mine from my local bee supply store for $3.50 Canadian $$. It is a cardboard wax coated four frame nuc box. My supplier is BeeMaid in Winnipeg. I'm sure they get them from Mann Lake.
    $8.95 American seem alot of money to me. Pritty much the same money as a super.
    I am going to build some wooden nucs this year with a pile of scrap lumber from constructing my supers. Stretch my money a little further.
    Although I like the carboard nucs for their easy handling when making up increase.
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