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    I am an artist who once upon a time purchase postive displacement pump and motor to use with honey. I only had need to use it for two weeks, but at the time I still had to have the mechanism. Its quite effective and will output almost two gallons of honey per minute (depending on the temp of the honey).

    I need to sell it and am looking to find a directory or listing or online community of Southern California beekeepers (and national if some are seriously interested in buying and paying the shipping). Im sure that someone out there would want this pump. As I understand, they are quite valuable within the industry. I have pics and stats on the pump/1.5 hp motor if people are interested.

    Any ideas on how I might contact area beekeepers?

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    This website has a "for sale" forum. It's about the best you can find. I'd put it there. What price are you asking, and where are you located?
    There is a "Morris Weaver" who sells bee equipment in Texas, and a Herb Issacs who sells in the north country.


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