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    twind59 Guest


    I know I could just nail cleats on my boxes for handholds...but I would like to learn how the customary handholds are made. I've looked in some woodworking books and catologs and have not yet found information about how to do this. I assume it's a router operation. Can anyone tell me how this is made?

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    tzeiner5773 Guest


    I found this topic was discussed a while back on this board. I can't remember how to paste the shortcut here. Maybe Michael Bush can help with that.
    I have mastered the handle cut with my Delta contractor's table saw. I used the tips from "REDTRACTOR" on this site(Thanks)
    I built a jig that fits tightly into the table miter guides. That prevents side to side movement. The jig is 1 1/2 thick. I then slid the fence next to the jig and clamp with 18" quick clamps.
    Place the board on the jig and sit something heavy on the board. (I use an old fire extinguisher) Then upcut into the board slighty and tilt the blade until it exits the cut. Go back and forth making gradual cuts until the blade exits the board around 35-38 degrees. This will produce the same size handle as the factory box handles.
    Make sure not to cut farther than 40 degrees as you will cut through the thickness of the board. I made 20 med supers this week and made all 4 handles on each box using this method.

    It takes me about 2 min per handle cut.
    The only drawback is I have to be on my knees in front of the saw a lot. The saw makes a lot of difference too. The blade needs to swing freely to 40 degrees. My old Craftsman table saw was too tight to do this with. Hope this helps. Todd Zeiner Clayton Indiana

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    I'm no MB, but I have a mouse and I am not afraid to use it.

    If you put dado in the search box you get 57 more threads to read through!

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    jfischer Guest


    I also use a simple dadoo, and do not
    attempt to make the rounded spherical
    handholds like the store-bought supers

    One problem I have noticed is that one
    need to be generous with the paint in
    these handholds. If not well-painted,
    they are a favorite place for a carpenter
    bee to set up shop, which can prove to be
    quite a surprise if you grab a handhold
    when the bee is "home".

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    twind59 Guest
    Thanks for the help. Much appreciated!

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    Somtimes I put on cleats (espeically if I have the wood I just ripped off of the edge of a 1 by 8 (for a medium) or a 1 by 12 (for a deep). But if I have to BUY the wood to make the cleat, I just use a dado and make it square, without the rounded bottom. I suppose the rounded bottom helps run the water out of the groove, but I haven't really noticed that much difference. Mostly boxes rot in the corners or break on the frame rest rabbet, not through the handles.


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