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    Has anyone tried a quail waterer as a feeder and what were your results?

    I bought a couple last Aug.and fed some heavy syrup this fall.they worked quite well,no drowned bees and don't spill if you have to move them around BUT they have to be level or else the syrup flows right out.

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    I cut some 1/4-inch mesh to fit the rim
    ("dish?") area of a few that I bought for
    use as feeding stations during bee-lining
    competitions. The bees can land on the
    mesh, walk around, stick their heads down
    between the openings, and suck away.

    If a bee "falls in" she can pull herself

    Without the mesh, bees were forced to land
    on the reservoir and walk down.

    For in-hive feeding, I'd rather use the
    plastic bucket style or the hive-top
    style feeders.

    I don't think that there is a solution
    to the need to level the feeder. I don't
    think any of my hives are dead level.
    Most were set up to slant forward slightly.

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    I used a quail waterer in one of my 2 hives last year here in northern Mn. I placed an empty hive box(deep) on top of my hive, and put the feeder in that on top of the frames. The other hive had a basic frame feeder type from mann lake. I used a half gallon jug with the quail feeder. I placed small pebbles in the trough also to prevent drowning. I only had 7 bees drown in the quail feeder. Numerous bees drown in the other type(I finally placed a piece of window screen in it, and ithelped alot). Overall, the quail feeder hive went through the most food and seemed to be a stronger hive when I pulled the feeder off after 3 weeks. I was worried about the bees filling in the gap in the empty deep that surrounded the feeder, but it wasn't even an issue. You will need to have your hives fairly level, but not perfect. Using a level, I had 1/4 bubble leaning one way for shedding water. It was my first year with bees, but will have both hives this year using the quail feeder. PP


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