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    Hi all, i am a 6th form student on his last yea of product design. I have decided to dedicate my final piece to beekeepers needs. The area targeted is back issues with the hobby. I know that beehives can get very heavy and especially for the older generations these can be hard to lift. For research purposes and to get a picture of the need for an item such as this i would greatly appreciate any help you could give me.

    Do any of you find beekeeping a bit tiresome due to the heavy lifting involved?

    Seen any products out there that would help, aid the situation?

    Any help will be great, many thanks


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    jfischer Guest


    I have a strange sense of Deja-Vu...

    This exact request was made not long ago,
    and many answers were posted. Was the
    thread lost in the recent server crash?
    Looks like a restore-from-backup is

    (Of course, "Vu-Deja" is the opposite of
    Deja-Vu, the feeling that you have never
    seen or done anything like this before.)

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    We've already answered this.

    "It's deja vu all over again." Yogi Berra

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    Daviduk has posted 3 times:

    posted September 07, 2004 04:02 PM
    > Hi,
    > I am an A level Student studying product design.

    posted September 15, 2004 03:32 AM
    >Hi all,
    > I am currently studying product design at A-level.

    posted September 27, 2004 08:32 AM
    > Hi all, i am a 6th form student on his last yea of product design.

    I've got a pretty good triangulation on his location:

    If he posts again it should be possible to narrow it down to the room number.


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