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    Just looking at the plans which are available in the "plans area" I can't figure out where the frames go and how do they fasten into it. Maybe once it's made, it becomes evident, but has anyone made this extractor?

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    I haven't made it nor seen it, but my guess is that it is a tangetial extractor and you put the frames flat against the ouside of the drum and then flip them to do the other side.

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    I cannot see any point in making any more tangential extractors. The radials start at 9 frames now for supers (in these deeps must still be handled tangentially) and it does not appear to be any more difficult to make a radial than a tangential.

    The radials are so much more convenient than the tangential extractors that I would never go back. I would give up all my deeps and go all-mediums before I would go back to using a tangential extractor.

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    Home-made extractors are a waste of time
    and money that would be better spent
    on buying a real one.

    Home-made extractors have a failure rate approaching what one would expect with origami condoms, and are the most pointless
    waste of hardware since someone bolted two
    wheels to a pogo stick and called it a Segway. ^.^

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    Well some of us just don't have the same deep pockets as you. It takes a little bit of time to get to the point where your beekeeping equipment needs can be bought by honey sales alone.
    I have seen many home made extractors that are on par with any one you could every buy.
    I built the twenty frame extractor as seen on this site and I used it extensively for several years without a single failure.
    Some years I was extracting 75 to 100 supers.

    I know I could clean it up and it would work just as fine as ever. IIRC, it would be about 8 years old.


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