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    Anyone have any experience with these 2 gallon drop in feeders?? They look pretty slick... I am considering them but would love to hear input.


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    I purchased many 100 of these for my operation. They work very well with one minor drawback. They must be used in a second deep, as there must be top bars under the feeder to hold it up. If it is in the bottom super, it falls down to the bottom board(1-2 inches lower than when sitting on top of top bars), then when nearly empty, bees can drown in the bottom.

    If used in the second super, they work very well and there is no drowning.

    For those unfamiliar, the Candibox sets inside the hive. Two frames then sit inside the candibox, then you fill it with syrup. The frames create a ladder, preventing any drowning. Holds about two gallons of syrup. There are no "ears" to this box, so the bottom must rest on top bars of the super below----or put piece of wood underneath if in single super.

    I do have many extra--new, unused---if anyone wants to buy---$3.75 ea++++shipping.


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