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Thread: SIP Bee hives?

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    Has anyone built a bee hive using the Structral Insulating Panel (SIP)concept? It would combine the insulation of a beemax with the durability of wood or fiberglass as a skin. I am currently trying this with 2 inch extruded foam insulation lamininated with 1/4 inch panels as a winter wrap. I think fiberglass matting will be more durable.

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    An article I read from a beekeeper in Canada discouraged anything other than black felt paper or the like.

    He stated that hives wrapped with R value material actually kept the cold in on those sunny winter days. This inhibits housekeeping and their ability to get to the stores.

    The black wrapped hives in his study were cleaner and healthier than the insulated hives.

    Interesting stuff......... Sometimes simpler is better??


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