I got this tip from a Brazilian web site. If you are tired of having bees hit or craw on you veil, paint the outside of it white. I no longer have bees on my veil. It makes me uncomfortable to have a bee just hang out on the outside of my veil. I canÂ’t tell if she is on the inside or outside. It never bothered me until one got in and stung me on my eyelid.

This is how I painted my veil. You only want the white paint on the outside. If you put too much and some gets inside, it will be hard to see out. Tape off the inside of the front. Next hold the veil up and lightly spray each the sides and back. Remove the tape from the front of the veil and then spray the outside. Spray down wind so any spray that goes through the veil will be carried off by the wind. Now if you end up with even a little bit of white on the inside you vision will be decreased. You can fix it by spraying a little bit of back paint on the inside of the screen.