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    ditto on the cat....

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    Gorrilla Glue sucks ,I used it as directed on wood ,came back a day later and pried it apart by accident and it came apart with ease and left a foam residue behind that I had to scrape off,outdoor wood glue from now on -much stronger

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    We used a small Emglo air compressor for years. We used it to run:
    An impact wrench.
    A framing nailer.
    A paint sprayer. (It kept the compressor running all the time, but it worked.)
    An air hammer.
    Brad and finish nailers.
    1/2 crown stapler.
    And a gizmo to fill tires. (And it filled them as fast as our 15 gallon compressor that we have now.)

    Porter-Cable's small air compressor (I think it's 4-6 gallons) seems to be fairly good. We used one to spray paint with one time -- had to stop and let it refill every now and then, but it worked OK.
    Watch out for Harbor Freight -- they take ages to ship stuff. If you get a notice that something has been backordered, forget it. We've never gotten anything that was "backordered."

    Frame jigs are really nice, especially when you have a nail gun. Regular TiteBond glue has worked for me for frames. I don't use it on boxes, though.

    Hope this helps.

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