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    Each of my hives has a hard white plastic tray under the screened bottom board. I've noticed that some of the stuff that collects on these trays leaves stains that I'm unable to wash off. I prefer to keep these boards as stainfree as possible so I can inspect whatever collects against the white background.
    I've been thinking about coating these trays with a fairly thick coating of dishwashing liquid and leaving that on the trays as my sticky substance. My thinking here is that the dishwashing liquid would be sticky enough to trap any mites that may fall on the tray and the tray would be extremely simple to wash before reinstalling it. I use the same trick whenever I work on one of my vehicles; soap up my hands and let the soap dry---cleanup is a breeze! The only thing I'm worried about is that most dish liquids are scented. Does anybody think that this may be a problem? How about lemon scented, will that overpower natural pheromones in the hive?
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    Hi George et al,
    I use a Formica slide under the screened bottom board. I clean it by scraping it with a putty knife and then wipe it with rubbing alcohol. This dries fast and then I give it a thin coat of food grade mineral that I also use for the fogger. It's a little elaborate but works for me and my two hives.
    Try it an let us know.


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