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    I'm a hobbiest with no funds or desire to get large. Here is what I use for an extractor:
    I use a 58 quart Sterilite plastic container (minimum dimentions = 20"long x 16 1/2" wide x 12"deep) as my "extractor". I suspend 10 frames inverted from 2 metal rod run through the lower corners of the bottom bar. Each bar extends through the sides of the container through 4 holes drilled for the purpose. This allows me to close the lid and deter ants. A honey gate in the box would be fabulous, when I can afford one. A deeper box is better than a shallower one. The metal rods are from a clothes rack; 10 frames of honey can be heavy.

    Use: I decap the combs using just my kitchen carving knife (not heated) and suspend them in the box inverted over night. In the morning, I have a good bit of honey that has dripped out. I then return the frames to the bees to finish cleaning out. I am not stingy about my honey and don't mind the bees getting the excess back as one of us will use/ need it. Also, by morning most of the wax and debris will have settled out. The whole process has been sped up on occasion by setting the extractor on the clothes washer.

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    John Seets suggests this method for extracting from permacomb. In a warm room most of the honey will drip out overnight.


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