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    I read that you should drill an inch hole in one or both of the deeps, to help with ventilation, that can be closed off with ducttape when you need to. Also says provides another entrance. What are your all opinions on this? Should I drill some in both deeps? Totally forget about it?

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    There are advantages of doing it.

    I don't normally drill in the first hive body. I will have one hole in the upper hive, and then one in each super as I add through the summer for the flow.

    It adds ventalation during the summer. It provides for another entrance to lessen crowding and extra traveling through the brood chamber. I can control the bee flow into new holes from added supers to allow the bees to "find" new supers, as a way of baiting. If I add another super, close off the one below with a cork or a piece of styrofoam peanut and the bees will resume using the new entrance in the new super.

    After all the supers are taken off, the only hole I have remaining is in the top hive body. I then place some #8 screen over the hole with a staple gun. About 1 in 20 the hives will close off the hole with propolis, the others leave it open. In think winter condensation kills more hives than people think. I know others differ on this point, but I can honestly say that more bees in old rickety hive boxes survive the winter than the ones in new boxes. Two years running, the best beeyard I have is hives I bought and these boxes have bees coming out from multiple places from corners, old knots in the wood, etc.

    If I add a queen excluder for some reason, drones have a way out. I can play with two queen sytems. I don't need extra equipment, like emrie shims to provide upper entrances. I can smoke the upper entance, where I may be working without smoking the bottom. I can tell better if the fog/smoke is through the entire hive.
    I guess this is a good start. I see alot of possibilities and advantages.


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