When I was a kid the first hive I bought from Sears & R. had a migratory-type cover. It was made of three milled pieces plus two end bars so that it resembled a much flatter version of the English garden hive top that Brushy Mtn sells. The center piece was flat on the bottom and covered the joint between two pieces that sloped away from the flat toward the edges. The edges that overhung the sides of the hive had saw-cuts parallel to the hive that acted as drip-stops. It was a good piece of work.

I have a hankering to have one of those again but cannot mill the lumber, so I will build the garden hive top.

Does anyone have a plan for something like this? I have no desire to reinvent the wheel.

In the alternative, can any of you master woodworkers tell me how to build the old Sear & Roebuck top with only hand tools and a table saw?