I just noted on another thread that bee escapes and brushing bees off combs was being discussed. Someone else mentioned the chemical bee-chasers.

At one time I shook bees off individual frames, bushed the frames. I cussed, whined and complained about handling each frame and tearing all the little cross-connections bees make, dripping honey everywhere and having it fall on the kitchen floor when extracting.

Then I learned that my little Ryobi leaf blower would clear a super in seconds without even irritating a bee. Now, by breaking any inter-super connections and letting the bees dry them up the day before, I can take supers off without a single drip. I can do it in a fifth of the time it took before.

Anyone else do this? Anyone see a problem with it? The bee-blowers sell for $450 or so, my leaf blower was around $59.