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Thread: Slatted racks?

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    I've only read about slatted racks in catalogs, and they say their good for ventilation and swarm control. Now are these true or just the businesses trying to make them sound good? Anyone with any experience with them?


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    I have them on most of my hives. The people who invented and perfected them were comb honey producers who purposely overcrowd the hive to get the bees to work the sections of comb honey. They help, but there is no panecea when it comes to bees. From my experience the only commercial beekeepers who are using them are rasing comb honey. I figure every little bit helps.

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    Hi Guys,

    I use the slotted bottom racks. I am expanding my tiny operation and will install them in every hive I put out. I have 2 colonies in my backyard. One is from this past season and one is 3 years old. Using screened bottom board, slotted rack,debris tray, I got 182lbs of liquid honey and 2 supers of ross rounds. I will see if it was a fluke or the real deal. Remember our commercial operators have much more to do per say. I think that the slatted rack is a good deal especially if you get or make the slats so they run parallel with frames. The mites fall down and in my case, through the screened bottom board and into the debris tray. On that note I'll say cheerio.

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