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    I had a thread about modifying Miller Feeders. Someone made a comments about a modification that prevents the bees from drowning? Can you please elaborate for me. If I can prevent my bees from drowning in that thing, I'd like to know.


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    There are several variations of top feeders. All have a solid wall coming up (the d*a*m* (can't put that word in) that stops the syrup from flowing into the access hole). Some have a solid wall coming down from the top to just less than a beespace at the bottom so the bees can't go under into the syrup area. Some have the syrup area (resevoir) open and have floats (Brushy Mt Bee for example). Some have a screen that covers the access area and goes over the d*a*m* and down into the syrup so the bees can't go under the screen and get to the syrup resevoir (Bee-Commerce for example). The screen provides a good ladder so the bees can climb down to the syrup and back up and out. They drown a lot LESS in this senario. The floats provide a life raft for the bees and a place to stand. If they fall in they swim to the float an climb out. If they land on the float they walk to the edge and fill up.

    In any of these scenario they still drown. It's all a matter of degree how many.

    For open feeding I have better luck with the floats. For hive feeding I have better luck with the screen.

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