I'm modifying some of my bottom boards to make them sbb. I ordered one and noticed the cut-out (screened) area is all but about 1 inch all the way round. That would be great if you originally made them this way. But, If I cut this entire area with a jig-saw on the existing ones, most of the stability will be lost, as the boards run side to side.

My question is - Has anyone done a study or heard something about the area needed to dispose of most of the mites through the screen? How effective would a 5 inch square vs. a 10 inch square vs. the entire bottom board being cut out? If the cut out area is in the middle beneath the main brood area, is this a maximum (hot) area in reference to the edges/front/back. Has anyone notices a concentrated mite fall in the center or are they evenly dispersed on the sticky boards?
Thank you.

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