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Thread: Clipart?????

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    Hi there all. I was wondering if any of you have ever subscribed to I was looking through some of the photos and clipart on there and was thinking of joining for a week or so and downloaded some graphics. Has anyone out there used them???? Thanks.

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    Big Grin

    Hi Green!
    Yes I have had the opportunity to use them a few years back. I would say that they are the best and have an extensive amount of honeybee related images.
    I utilized some of their clipart when I was designing some of my labels. Back then they gave you a week free trial.
    I believe that they still allow you to browse for free. If you go with the 1 week membership I dont believe that you will be disappointed.

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    I always wanted to keep green bees....

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    It's how I always remembered the international colour scheme for marking queens:

    "What, you raise Green bees?"

    What = white = years ending in 1 and 6
    you = yellow = years ending in 2 and 7
    raise = red = years ending in 3 and 8
    green = green = years ending in 4 and 9, and
    bees = blue = years ending in 5 and 0.

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    Haha. Ya! I keep green bees. I stand outside of there hives all day and spray them with spray paint as the come and go from the hive. I like to use the rustoleum paint too. That why they have some rust protection if it rains. Green is my last name. Thanks for the info on the clipart. I think that I will give them a try. I am sure that I can download quite a few pictures in a weeks time.


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