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    I was wondering if anyone has plans for a honey warming box. I would like to use it to heat both extracted honey and honey frames to be extracted.


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    I built a solar honey heater from 3/8" plywood. The dimensions were large enough to hold 6 five-gallon buckets of honey placed 2X3. I bought an aluminum framed plate of glass (single-paned) at a "Goodwill" store for $3 and constructed the box around its dimensions (roughly 3 by 4 feet). The back side sloped down to the front side by about 30 degrees and the bottom was flat to the ground. I painted it inside and out with flat-black exterior latex paint. The plate glass sits on the sloping sides.

    On its trial run, I placed the box outside at 10AM with the temperature at 70F with 2 full five-gallon plastic buckets of honey inside. By 11:00AM the outside temperature was 75F and the temperature inside the box was 120F. Within a couple hours the outside temp was 80F and the inside peaked at around 145F. After about 6 hours, the honey flowed fairly smoothly through stacked 600/400/200 micron screens.

    I built a smaller solar wax melter using two panes of glass spaced 1/4" apart and the inside temperature usually peaks at about 150-155F. I filter the melting cap-wax through cheese cloth and a 1/4" screen. The melted wax flows into a Teflon bread pan. Two meltings of the wax yields a clean product. A web search for "solar wax melter" will point you to a few plans you can modify to suit your needs. Mine is similar to the melter found at

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