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    I just downloaded and printed the 3-frame observation hive plan. I have a couple of questions:
    Is the function of the masonite to exclude light when you're not "observing"?

    Would a small computer fan be helpful in ventilating the hive?

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    I made the same one last winter out of black walnut, beautiful.

    Yes the masonite is to give the bees privacy when you are not observing.

    No, a fan will not be helpful. They will propolize the vent holes and open them as needed. I would poke holes in the blocked vents and they would just fill them up again. I keep mine in the half basement level in my quad level home where it is usually very cool. I think that they blocked the vents because it was too cool.

    The one thing that I wish that I had thought of was that since I am changing over to all mediums, I should have made the OB hive into four mediums instead of two deeps and one medium.

    I was in a quandry about what to do with my jam packed hive when it swarmed. I now have no overcrowding problem and can make modifications easily.

    One other consideration I should have made is that my hive must sit lower than the window. A top entrance would make it easier for them to come and go. Another modification for me to make.

    You will not regret making an OB hive. It will bring you countless hours of enjoyment and you will learn much about your girls.

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    The most thermostaticly accurate and humidity sensitive fan in a hive is the bees. Adding an electric one is a bad idea that will only complicate things for the bees and for you.

    I agree with Bill. I don't know why I waited so long to get an observation hive. I have learned a lot and enjoyed the bees so much more being able to watch them so closely.


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