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    Ok i just bought a 3 frame honey stainless extractor, a hot knife, and 2 broood boxes with frames and plasticell for 100.00 ( pretty **** good huh?)
    well my question is the extractor reverses but how do i know if i have to turn the frames around to extract the other side.
    ....Ok if that was confusing waht i ma asking is how do you know if you have to turn the frames around to extract the other side or can i just reverse (turn the extractor the other way)..please let me know

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    Look at the basket on the extractor. Is there a way for the frames to pivot, or does the same side always face out? The old one my dad had, we would put the frames in, crank one direction, pivot the frames, then crank the other. If the baskets for the frames don't pivot, my bet is you would need to flip the frames yourself. Unless- the top or bottom edge of the frame faces the outside of the extractor. then you would also just be able to change directions. That's my slightly educated guess anyhow. And yes- pretty good purchase.


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