I am new at this so need lot of learning:
I been reading about screeed bottom boards in this site. I still have a few questions.
I doubt I could leave them on in winter ??. It gets colder then -20 here. I made some scren boards yesterday. I hope I got it right. I left the old bottom board but nocked out the back cleat. (1 X 1 X 14+). On top of that I set my screen assembly which consists of a 1 X 1 on 3 sides and a 1 X 4 across the front, for a landing board. The screen is next. Then 3 sides of 1 X 1 with the front left open for an entrance.The hives set on top of that. I raised the entrance ramp to the level of the new entrance. Did I get this right?. I only have 2 hives but made 5 screens while I was at it so I hope it works. I would like to draw a picture or see a drawing of screened bottom boards. I will slip a piece of ridgid plastic in and see if I get mites. I don't even know what a mite looks like. With tri focal glasses and not good eyesight will I be able to see them?