Hi guys,

I need to make 160 FD supers for the up coming season. I have two opptions: buy the supers as KD packs and assemble them as normal or buy the rough saw lumber, run it though a thicknesser, cut the rabbet joints and hand holds and then assemble.

Some of you blokes have suggested (in another post) to use a dado blade to cut the rabbets.
I was thinking about using a router table to do this but am unsure as to the best way of cutting out the hand holds.

I use 7x50mm galvanized flat head nails per corner,(28 of them per box) during the assembly of each super. That means 4,500 nails for assembling the 160 supers.
Next year I want to make 400 supers and that means 12,000 nails !! As you can see I need a nail gun any thoughts on what type of nail/ length/ gun combo that would do the job?
I don't have any experience with these things and would appreciate your ideas and input.

Thanks in advance.....jim

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