Hi guys,
I'm new at doing the top bar hives. I am running 8 of them this year and built them using the instructions from James Satterfield's website. I am running into a problem with the top bars swelling so that I can't get them in and out very easily. Is this because the bees inside are trying to evaporate the moisture from the nectar? Do I need to have some ventilation holes near the back of the hive; and if I do ventilate, how do I keep the bees from using this hole? (My entrance holes are in the front of the hive)
I'm glad I stumbled on to this site...Have any of you been successful commercially with the top bar hives? I am a school teacher that would like to get into this a little more and wondering if it is feasable to do the beekeeping in the tbh's a little more than a hobby.