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    I acquired some older equipment and noticed that one of the bottom boards was made with the standard 3/4 inch hieght in the front and the boards ran a tapered slant to 1/4 inch in the back. No matter if you flipped it over it seemed to be the same on the other side. I like the concept since propping up the back with a piece of would is not needed if on a level surface.

    Is this homemade? Anybody seen one like this? Any pro/con issues. Seems like a great thing but than I ask myself why don't I see more of this.

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    It has the advantage that the hives (and therefore the combs) can be level in both directions and the bottom board be sloped so that the water drains instead of running to the back or setting in the middle. Also in a driving rain the water can get blown inside and this way it drains back out. I think it's a good design, but I haven't seen any before. I usually just set my hives up so they slope a little to the front, but when they get very tall it looks like it leans and it does. This would allow you to have a perfectly vertical hive and still have runoff of the water on the inside of the bottom board.

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